Environment. Technology. Resources 2013
Proceedings of the 9th International Scientific and Practical Conference. Volume 3

Armine Abrahamyan, Arvids Barsevskis
Institute of Systematic Biology, Daugavpils University, Daugavpils, Latvia, LV 5400 Arm_abrahamyan@yahoo.com, Armine_Abrahamyan@ru.lv
»Environmental Niche Modelling with Desktop GARP for Wild Origanum vulgare L. (Lamiaceae) in Armenia

Zwetelina Gankova-Ivanova
Technical University – Gabrovo, Bulgaria
»Modernization of Public Administration and e-Government in Bulgaria

Nikolinka Hinkova, Nikolay Nenov
TU-Gabrovo, BG 5300 Gabrovo Str. Hadji Dimitar 4
»Enhancing the General and Special Skills of Students

Istomina N.B., Likhacheva O.V.
Pskov State University, Pskov, Russia e-mail: pskov.pgpu.bot@mail.ru
»Lichens as Indicators of the Urban Environment Quality

Rosen Ivanov, Stefan Kartunov
Technical university - Gabrovo, department ”Mechanical and instrument engineering”. Address: Hadji Dimitar 4, Gabrovo 5300, Bulgaria, skartunov@abv.bg, ivanross@abv.bg
»Software Provisioning of the Protech Integrated Engineering Automation System

Lybomir Lazov, Nikolay Angelov
Technical University of Gabrovo, department of Physics, Chemical and Ecology, 4 Hadzhy Dimitar str., 5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria, llazov@abv.bg, angelov_np@abv.bg
»Application of the Multicomponent Method of Assessment of Student’s Progress in Physics

Ivars Locis
Rezekne University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Engineering Atbrīvošanas aleja 76, Rēzekne, LV 4601, Latvija. e-pasts: haris63@inbox.lv
»Control of Heavy Metal Pollution in Degraded Rural Areas

Silviu Macuta, Mirel Istratescu
“Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Domneasca Street 47, Galati, Romania e-mail:Silviu.Macuta@ugal.ro
»Modelling by Finite Element Analysis Method of Stress State Establishing for an Steel Alloy

Michael Nikolaev, Denis Malyshev
Pskov State University, Finance and Economic Faculty. Address: L. Tolstogo street 4, Pskov, RU-180000, Russia
»The Role of Clusters in the Economic Development of the North-West Regions of Russia

Nikolayev М.А, Makhotaeva М.Yu.
Pskov State University
»Factors of Economic Growth in the Regions of the North-West Federal District of Russia

Desislava Petrova
Faculty of Economics, Department „Management”, Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, E-mail: des_petrova@abv.bg
»Analysis of SMEs in Bulgaria – Assessment of Their Innovation Activities

Desislava Petrova
Faculty of Economics, Department „Management”, Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, E-mail: des_petrova@abv.bg
»Innovation, Business, Education – Regional, National and European Policies 2020

Staņislavs Pleikšnis, Ilze Dovgiallo
Rezeknes Augstskola, Faculty of Engineering, Environmental Technology Transfer
»Thermal Insulation Materials From Sapropel And Hemp Shives (Cannabis Sativa L.)

Diana Sudnitsina(1), Anna Cherevichko(2)
1 - Pskov State University, Pskov, Russia, e-mail: pskov.pgpu.bot@mail.ru 2 - Pskov department of FSBSO “State Research Institute of Lake and River Fish Management”, Pskov, Russia, e-mail: pskovniorkh01@list.ru
»Estimation of River Utroya Ecological State in Intensive Organic Pollution Area Using Plankton Communities’ Characteristics (Pskov Region)

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