Environment. Technology. Resources 2013
Proceedings of the 9th International Scientific and Practical Conference. Volume 2

Sergey Trashchenkov
Pskov State University, electromechanical faculty, Chair of Electric Power Industry
»Functional Safety of Power Plant’s Technological Protections

Alexander Pavlov, Igor Plohov
Pskov State University, Faculty of Electric drive and automation systems
»Flowline with Resistive Electric Heating System

Nikolaj Nenov1, Petar Tomchev2, Rayna Ivanova3
Technical University of Gabrovo, BULGARIA, 1 - e-mail: nenovtugabrovo@gmail.com, 2 - e-mail: tomchev@edasat.com, 3 - e-mail: ivanova@tugab.bg
»Study of the Ion Radiation Influence on the Parameters of Unijunction Transistors

Pāvels Narica1, Vjačeslavs Gerbreders2, Velga Akmene2, Irēna Mihailova2
1 - Rezeknes Augstskola, Address: Atbrivosanas aleja 76, Rezekne, LV-4601, Latvia 2 - Daugavpils University, Parades 1, Daugavpils LV-5401, Latvia.
»Technology for Obtaining Cu2ZnSnSe4 Thin Films

Alexander Markov(1), Yuri Rodionov(2)
1-Pskov State University, 2-Ecotech Ltd, Pskov
»Selection of Parameters of Current Collection Systems of Turbo-Generators to be Monitored by Means of Technical Diagnostics

Kaspars Kroics
Institute of Physical Energetic. Aizkraukles 21, Riga. LV-1006, Latvia
»Digital Control of Variable Frequency Interleaved DC-DC Converter

Andrei Khitrov, Alexander Khitrov
Pskov State University, Electro mechanic Faculty. Address: Russian Federation, Pskov, Lenin square, 2
»Electrical subsystem of the low-power cogeneration plant with low-speed vehicle

Andrei N. Isakov, Andrei V. Andrusich, Igor E. Savraev
Pskov State University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Drive and automation systems. Address: 180760, Russia, Pskov, Lenin Square 2.
»Device for Reduction Sparking of Slip Ring of Turbo Generator

Alexander Ilyin, Igor Plokhov, Andrey Isakov
Pskov State University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Drive and Automation Systems. Address: Lenina 8, Pskov, 180000, Russia
»The Simulation Model of a Sliding Contact

Ilya Fedotov, Vyacheslav Tikhonov
Pskov State Univeristy, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of drive and automation systems. Address: Russian Federation, 180760, Pskov, Lenin Square, 2
»Simulation of Traction Electric Drive with Vector Systems of Direct Torque Control

Yulia Domracheva, Sergey Loginov
Pskov State University, Electrical Engineering Faculty, Department of Drive and automation systems
»Simulation Technique of Synchronous Reluctance Bearingless Machine

Mikhail Andreev, Yuriy Zhuravlev, Yuriy Lukyanov, Leonid Perminov
Pskov State University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Drive and automation systems
»Autonomous Power Station Based on Rotary-Vane Engine with an External Supply of Heat

Hrayr Abrahamyan1,2, Arevik Sargsyan1,2, David Davtyan1, Harutyun Minasyan1
1 - State Engineering University of Armenia, Teryan str. 105, 0009 Yerevan, Armenia 2 - National Institute of Metrology, Komitas Ave. 43/2, Yerevan, Armenia
»Model of Radio Managing System for Electro Vehicles’ Accumulators Wireless Feeding

Strochkov I.A., Khvattcev A.A.
Pskov State University, department of high mathematics, faculty of informatics
»Solution of Linearized Flat Problem of Hydrodynamics (IVF)

Andina Sprince, Leonids Pakrastinsh
Riga Technical University, Department of Structural Engineering. Address: Azenes Street 16, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia.
»Case Study on Early Age Shrinkage of Cement-based Composites

Igor Nikiforov, Pavel Maltsev
Pskov state university, Faculty of Mechanical and machine building, Departament of Technology of machinebuilding.
»Influence of Heat Treatment and the Coefficient of Friction on the Volume of Metal Removed During Grinding Steel 35

Vitalijs Lusis1, Andrejs Krasnikovs2
1 - Riga Technical University, Concrete mechanics laboratory 2 - Riga Technical University, Institute of Mechanics and Concrete mechanics laboratory
»Fiberconcrete with Non-Homogeneous Fibers Distribution

Vitalijs Lusis
Riga Technical University
»Formwork with Variable Geometry for Concrete Shells Production Technology

Liga Gaile
Riga Technical University, Department of Structural Analysis. Address: Azenes Street 16, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia.
»Analysis of Dynamic Parameters of Observation Towers in Latvia

Ivan Balashev, Silviu Macuta
Technical University of Gabrovo, Bulgaria, Dunarea de jos University of Galati, Romania
»Force-in-Chain Study of Chain-Electric Hoist with Periodical Variable Angular Rotational Velocity of Chain-Wheel

Imants Zarembo, Sergejs Kodors
Rezekne Higher Education Institution
»Pathfinding Algorithm Efficiency Analysis in 2D Grid

Edvards Valbahs, Peter Grabusts
Rezekne Higher Educational Institution, Faculty of Engineering, Atbrivoshanas alley 76, Rezekne, LV-4601, Latvia.
»Path Planning Usage for Autonomous Agents

Oleg Uzhga-Rebrov(1), Galina Kuleshova(2)
1-Rezekne Higher Education Institution, 2-Riga Technical University
»The Prospects of Using Fuzzy Approaches to Ecological Risk Assessment

Lilia Motaylenko, Olga Poletayeva, Sergey Lyokhin
FSG-fEIHPE “Pskov State University», Faculty of Informatics. Adress: pl. Lenin 2, Pskov, 180000, Russia
»Development of Information Model of Forming Basic Educational Programs in the Light of Professional Competencies

Sergejs Kodors, Imants Zarembo
Rezekne Higher Educational Institution
»Urban Objects Segmentation Using Edge Detection

Raycho Ilarionov, Krasimir Krastev
TU – Gabrovo
»А System for Input of 3D Objects into Computing Environment

Peter Grabusts
Rezekne Higher Educational Institution, Research Institute for Regional Studies, Atbrivoshanas alley 76, Rezekne, LV-4601, Latvia, peter@ru.lv
»The Concept of Ontology for Numerical Data Clustering

Vita Balikova
Riga Technical University, Azenes iela 12, Riga, LV1048, Latvia, vita.balikova@rtk.lv
»Offer Opportunities of Levelling Online Courses for Latvia

»Editorial Board